Ontario, OR Tobacco Pipes & Novelty Items

Boise, ID

The Happy Hippy Shop

The adult tobacco smoke shop with the best selection in the Boise, ID area? It’s The Happy Shop in Ontario, OR.

We have a terrific selection of adult smoke-shop supplies such as pipes and waterpipes, pollen boxes, pouches and a huge variety of rolling papers.

And for the younger set, we carry all kinds of posters, tye-died T-shirts, fleece blankets and lots more.

Our shop is 2,700 square feet so you can meander a good long time. The adult section in the rear of our store is accessible only to those age 18 or older.

Call us at 541-823-1401 or stop in or showroom at East Lane Plaze, off Idaho Ave. between the Snake River and interstate.

Our Adult Tobacco Smoke Shop Products Include:

  • Tobacco pipes and products
    • Chameleon Glass
    • Dynamite Glass
    • Graffix pipes
    • Galaxy Glass
    • Rocket Tubes
    • Purp glass
    • Vaporizers
  • Prime Glass
  • Scales
  • Fine grinders
  • Big selection of rolling papers
  • Cigarette rolling machines
  • Ashtrays
  • Glass jars for tobacco storage
  • Pollen box and pouch products
  • Water pipe and hookah pipe models
  • Pipe cleaners and scrapers

Our All-Ages Section Includes:

  • Dirtbag hacky sacks
  • Black light posters
  • Fleece blankets
  • Beaded curtains
  • Tye-died T-shirts
  • Tapestries and stickers
  • Incense – including Nag Champa, Wildberry and Dipper brands

Our pipe selection at The Happy Hippy includes pipes made of glass, acrylic, metal and wood.

We welcome you to visit our showroom or call us at 541-823-1401. We will be glad to help you be happy like a hippy!

Contact The Happy Hippy Shop today at 541-823-1401, or browse our website to read about our Hippy Clothing Boutique.

Tobacco Pipes & Novelty Items - Ontario, OR - The Happy Hippy Shop
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