Ontario, OR (541) 823-1401   Nampa, ID (208) 465-1864


The Happy Hippy Shop, a trendy clothing boutique in Ontario, Oregon and Nampa, Idaho.

We carry a great selection of women’s and men’s fashion including retro, hippie, trendy, vintage 60’s, mod and psychedelic looks.

Whether you are looking for dresses, tops, skirts or fashion accessories, we’ll have something to suit your fancy.

Our Hippy Clothing Boutique Products Include:

  • Ladies hippy fashion
  • Ladies retro fashions
  • Vintage clothing
  • Mod, fab and period looks
  • Men’s and Ladies tops
  • Ladies skirts
  • Ladies dresses
  • Ladies handbags
  • Ladies jewelry


As a lark or as a lasting look, period clothing from the late 50’s through the early 70’s is a real head-turner. It’s fun, stylish and can make you one happy hippy. We welcome you to visit our showrooms or call us at 541-823-1401 or 208-465-1864.